Monday, August 29, 2011

Where I lay my head.

last week I read these words about a down bed pillow "instant comfort" and it got me thinking about how true that statement is, how much I love to spend time in my bed and why is that? A few summers ago my 2 younger daughters and I spent a week in NYC. We walked and walked and walked and at the end of the day that bed with those wonderful pillows felt like heaven. I thought that maybe it was because I was so tired. Then I stayed in another hotel with those wonderful pillows again and was hooked. I had to know what kind of pillows those were. They were Pacific Coast. I went to the their web page and saw how much they were and had to put them on a wish list until one night I was in Costco and there to my delight was a pak of 2 king down Pacific Coast pillows at a price I could live with! Yahoo!!!!! They came home with me and have made me so happy! Why? Instant Comfort!!!! I love to lay on them and read or fluff up all my pillows turn out the lights and watch a good show. I love when my grandchildren say "Nanna can I spend the night and sleep in your big bed." I love to play hide and seek with Katie under the covers. I love when she says when it's time for us to go to sleep, can I lay over here by you? As I have contemplated all these happies it made me think of the Sunday nights long ago when my children were little and I had a water bed that was on a double platform of drawers and we would pile up in that very high bed, fluff up the pillow, turn off the lights and watch Animal Kingdom. I loved that feeling of having my little chicks securely tucked under my wings. But were did all this come from? Hum.... I think it came from the security that I felt as a little girl when my dad laid down by me at night and the love I felt from my mother when I was a teen/young adult and my mom would lay down after she had been up making breakfast for my dad and I would go in and lay on her bed and we would talk. I love when I come home and can see that one of my kids have been laying on my bed. It makes me feel like I have done something right!

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  1. **sniff sniff** Does Costco still have those pillows? I need to stop by there today on my way home from work, and get me a 2-pack of pillows and see if I can create all that peace love and happiness in my bed!

    great post... love ya loads!