Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A little bit frenchy

I'm Back!!!

This darling night stand and her matching dresser have been sitting in my garage just patiently waiting for me to get my act together and give them a new look.  They are very pretty just like they are but what's the fun in that.  I found them at an estate sale.  I was checking out all the goodies and heard a lady tell her husband that the furniture they had just looked at was the style she wanted.  I had saved that room for last and thought OH NO!  I quickly looked at the furniture made sure the drawers worked and found a sales man.  He took my offer and I pleaded for his help in getting it loaded into my van.  Well, the stars were in alignment!!!  The man that was having the estate sale was there and offered to load the furniture on his trailer and bring it to my house.  He told me that his parents had had that furniture for a long time.  I assured him it would be loved for many years to come.  They are a gift to my oldest daughter. 

Take a look at the transformation........

Look how pretty the top sanded. 

When I do the dresser I will paint her first and then sand and stain the top.  I usually have to learn the hard way on things.

The top looks really pretty stained dark walnut.

Look how pretty her legs are.

I painted her old white A.S. chalk paint and used both clear and dark wax on her.

She isn't yellow but that's what happens when you take a picture in the garage at night.

I white washed the the pulls and they look really nice.  I love this look!

Ooh la la! the girl has legs!!!

Thanks for looking!   Sally

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