Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ask not.....want not!

Saturday morning I dragged my tired self out of bed to see what the city was selling in their front yards. The first street we turned onto was Glenda's ( score of the day! There on the sidewalk sat just what we were out looking for, a mid-century dresser with the price tag of.........$20.00 We squealed with delight loaded it up and dropped it off in my garage so there would be room for more treasures we just knew were waiting for us. We were starting to get discourage. Our favorite part of town was not producing the sales we were so hopeful to find. We were going to just one more sale and it became the jack pot at the end of the rainbow! There in the garage sat one of the most beautiful beds I have seen. The lady said it was an antique Victorian bed that had been converted into a queen size bed. I fell hard for it! I rubbed my hands over the ornate detailing and then asked what she wanted for it. $350.00 ouch!!! All I could do is shake my head. She asked what I would pay for it and I told her I didn't want to insult her but all I would want to pay was $75.00. She really wanted to get $250.00 for it. My partner in crime looked at it and contemplated where she might be able to put it or what she could sale to make room for it and it just didn't make since to buy it. (I know that's an oxymoron when it comes to buying furniture out of someones yard! lol). We had to park on a side street and went to get the truck to load up the doll house and other things we bought. After we were loaded up the lady of the house hollered after us "let's talk bed!" She came over and we talked back and forth and told her that neither of us "needed" that bed. She asked what we would pay for it and Glenda said $100.00 but we would have to go and get the money and come back. I think she was afraid if we left we wouldn't be back so she said how much do you have? Glenda had $30 and I had $69 sooo.... She sold the bed to us for $99.00!!!!!! All the way home we talked about who was going to take the bed. In the end it come home with me. I love it!!!! BUT, best of all I laugh out loud every time I think about all of this. I feel I got the deal of the day! Tell me if you agree or not!!!

Isn't she grand?

Who wouldn't feel like a princess sleeping in this bed!!!

My first thought was to paint it AS chalk paint white with dark glazing but the more I look at it I'm not sure. What do you think?


Party time with....

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  1. O.M.G.!!! That bed is gorgeous!! There is no way I would diminish the value of it by painting it, unless the finish is really bad in highly visible areas. From the photos, it looks like it's in excellent condition.
    Congratulations on such a bargain!

  2. Oh please don't paint it! The wood is gorgeous. Someday painted furniture will be out of style and everyone will be stripping the wood down to it's natural beauty again...What a find!

  3. sounds like a great time! and, well, of course Glenda the deal hunter of the century! good thing she's your teammate!

  4. FABULOUS bed. I'm in the minority I'm afraid; just not attracted to dark furniture. This'd be GORGEOUS with ASCP Old White or Cream!!'s YOUR what makes your heart happy!!