Monday, August 15, 2011

Your never to old.......

Sunday night we had a family dinner in honer of Kelly's birthday. She asked me to make Lasagna, bread and salad. We had the family favorite yellow cake with fudge frosting with Eddy's girl scout thin mint ice cream, yum if you've never tried it!

Then presents!!!!!!

She was just like a little kids with her very simple gifts. I think she liked the pretty bags as much as what was in side them.

As she was opening them she remarked that it was all the things that she had asked for. Binders, pens, highlighter, Hue socks, journal, gift card to Barns and Noble and the Vera Bradly backpack with coordinating pencil pouch!!!!

What is the sound of happiness? Hearing your young adult children talking and laughing at the dinner table and it continuing through the evening!!!!

I feel like heaven is smiling down on me tonight!


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  1. Sally, that was a slice of heaven in your living room last night. Happy Birthday Kelly girl! Vera Bradley looks awesome on you!

    How do I get in on that ASCP giveaway?