Monday, September 26, 2011

Fifty cents?

What a fun weekend I've had. Some great finds at an estate sale and a sleep over with the grand-kids. What more could a gal ask for!!!!

Here are my thrifty treasures: A stack of flat queen size sheets for a buck each (where can you get that kind of fabric for that price?) These gently used sheets make great draw sheets for Kenneth. They are so soft.
5$ pitcher (I had been to the eye doc and the house was dark so a little disappointed when I got home and the other side had a long crack. She is still beautiful and no one will see it from the china cabinet.)
1$ for the four glasses.
10$ for the vintage lamp, don't know why I needed it but she was calling out to me! :)
Maybe Katie will like it in her room!
Saved the best for last!!!! The lady writing the tickets in the kitchen said to me when I picked up the ice cream dipper, "they don't make them like that any more" I'm thinking to myself I grew up with the kind your talking about and this isn't one of those, this is better!!! I asked how much and she said 50 cents. I asked her to add it to my ticket. She had no idea that I just got a pampered chef ice cream dipper that sales for $15.00 for 50 cents. It looks old because it has been run through the dishwasher, just like the one I already have. I love a good deal!!!!

Katie future DIY'er

Today life is good!!!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Remembering Debbie

Three years ago today(9-23-08) my sister Debbie lost her fight with breast cancer. I miss her. I miss her laughter! I could always call her when I needed a pick me up. I knew that before the call was over we would laugh so hard that tears would be running down our legs! Her example has given me courage when faced with opposition. I take comfort in knowing that she is on the other side doing the Lords work. After she died I prayed fervently that the sting of her death be taken from me and the answer was always the same. It was the words in a church hymn. "Through dying brings new birth." Just this past last year I have begun to understand what these words mean. I'm thankful that she is my sister and for the things we have shared. I love her daughters. They are beautiful young woman and their lives are a testament to their mother. Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing us to be sisters.
2010 Ventura County Fair Entry took 1st Place
Debbie Zahner, our "Quilt Lady" in 2007, along with Sylvia Rosolek unveil the start of RoL's inspiring and educational Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Quilt (in the center of the quilt is Debbie and her girls.)
Lauren, Debbie and Lindsey
Debbie, Sally and John
Sisters: Jeanette, Sally and Debbie
Pink Ribbon

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Peace........What does it mean to you?

September 21 is International Day of Peace. The school that I work at joins with other groups around the world to celebrate this day by having the studentbody decorate pinwheels and placing them on the lawn in front of the school. It is such a fun thing to see that I wanted to share it with all of you!

Take a few minutes and reflect on what "peace" means to you and what you can to to foster it in your community!!!!

Love to hear from you....


Monday, September 19, 2011

Nothing Like a Little Bling....

I'm not a flashy kind of gal, but I just love a chandelier full of bling, and if it's an antique chandelier my heart pounds that much harder!!!!!! I made a quick run to my favorite thrift shop, Bibles for China and they were having a 1/2 of lighting sale. So I zoomed to the back of the store to check it out. I didn't see anything that caught my. But I never leave with out looking in the shopping cart by the do not enter sign. And there laying on top of all the junk was this beautiful antique chandelier. There wasn't a price on her yet but that didn't stop me from scooping her up and heading straight to the check out. I inquired about her price. The nice lady said she would have to go and find out what they wanted for her. When she returned she said she was $40.00 but it was my lucky day and I could get her for $20.00. I said "SOLD"! She doesn't have all her crystals and is missing a sleeve and has some paint on her, but that didn't keep me from hanging her in the entryway to be seen by all! I'll be working on getting her decked out with the rest of the crystals that she needs. Look how pretty the craftsmanship is. All the detail and the ceiling medallion. I'm so happy to have her!!!!!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Hero's Birthday....

Today is Kenneth's birthday. He is 27 years old. He as been a delight in my life from the moment I laid eyes on him. those big brown eyes have melted my heart over the years. His good looks and charming personality has kept him out of a "lot" of trouble! Like when he pulled the fire alarm during church. When he was a little boy Kristin and I would call him our golden boy. The sun would kiss his skin and turn it a beautiful copper color. Until he was three he had golden blond hair! You wouldn't know that now looking at all that dark brown hair. His niece and nephew think he is the best thing ever. Kenneth would chase Bubby around the house in that wheelchair and Bubby would laugh until he couldn't stand up. Kaitlyn always wants to help when we are getting Kenneth into his chair. She loves to pump the handle of the lift that takes Kenneth up into the air. They call him Uncle Kenny. He doesn't let too many people call him "Kenny". Those dark days that he was in intensive care I saw his sisters rally around him. I could see and feel their immense love for him. so many prayers offered up for him. Heavenly Father answered, allowing Kenneth to continue to be with us. I know of the great love Heavenly Father has for Kenneth and he has allowed angels to come and administer to him. Kenneth's attributes, he is good, kind, insightful, intelligent, generous and compassionate just to name a few... I'm honored to be his mother.

I have learned so much from him. I have learned the gift of patience(not so much in dealing with him, lol) but he has patience with all of us!!! I have learned not to feel sorry for myself. I have learned to do things that I didn't think I could. I have watched him figure out how to do so many things for himself. His desire to be self sufficient (as much as he can be) is something to behold. He's my Hero!!!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little girls dream...

Why do little girls love dollhouses? Is it instinctive that they want to have a family and a home? I think so! I never had a traditional dollhouse as a little girl. I remember wanting a Barbie Dream house for Christmas (1962) I was 6 and my mother telling me that she didn't think Santa would be able to bring it. I wanted that Barbie house so badly that I would pray for it every night. Did I get it? Yes, my prayers were answered and Santa was good to me. It was made out of cardboard it was green and white and it all folded together. I love it!!!! Last summer I was in an antique shop and to my surprise there it was under a table. I just looked at it for a few minutes, knowing if I opened it I would want to bring it home. I resisted!!!!
Vintage 1962 Barbie Dream house by Matel Now On Sale 10 bucks off

Vintage 1962 Barbie Dream house by Matel Now On Sale 10 bucks off

Now I have a granddaughter and of course her mother wanted to buy her first dollhouse and did. I have been waiting for her to get a little older to get her one for my house. Well, the wait is over!!!! I found the best deal on this fabulous dollhouse. $25.00 for a Plan Toy wooden dollhouse, the family and the furniture. What a score!!!!! Tell me if this isn't a real thrift addict for ya. The man wanted $35.00 told me that his daughter asked if she could sale something at the yard sale and he told her ok and she would get the money for it. She didn't play with the doll house anymore so she wanted to sale it. Did that pull at my heart strings? A little but it didn't keep me from offering $25 and him accepting!!!!
Some of the furniture had marker on it but nothing a can of spray paint couldn't fix.

The house was painted black and red and the paint job wasn't very good. I took some Anne Sloan chalk paint in graphite and spruced her up. Then my all time go to color turquoise to cover the red. No before pictures this was all done on a whim.
I think Miss Katie will love it. I'm sure I will be right there with her enjoying every moment!!! Tell me about your dollhouse memories.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Punch anyone?

One of the thrift stores that I like to go to is called Bibles for China. It is run by some very nice elderly people. I have found some of the best treasures in there. On this occasion I was introducing thrifting to my oldest daughter. She had found an armful of children books and as we approached the check out the most amazing cobalt blue color caught my eye. As we got closer my heart started to beat just a little faster. There behind the counter was this beautiful carnival glass punch bowl. I asked the clerk if it was for sale and she nodded yes and then said she was holding it for a customer while she finished her shopping. I inquired about it's price and she gladly told me that it was $20.00. I had to hold my lips together tight so I wouldn't gasp! I looked around the store thinking who was this women? Should I ask her if she wanted it? No, if she thought I was interested she would want it for sure. We checked out and the clerk told me that I could call back and see if the women had taken it or not. I thought that was a great idea and took their card. Kristin and I went to a few more thrift stores and on the way home we called and to my delight the punch bowl was still there, but there wasn't enough time to get there before they closed. The lady at the store told me that she would put my name on it and hold it for me. The next morning I hurried over to make it mine. I think it's stunning!!!!!! Did I tell you it's in pristine condition? Not a chip on any of it. Even Karen told me how pretty it is and she's never impressed with the glass that I bring home!!! What do you think?

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