Monday, September 5, 2011

Punch anyone?

One of the thrift stores that I like to go to is called Bibles for China. It is run by some very nice elderly people. I have found some of the best treasures in there. On this occasion I was introducing thrifting to my oldest daughter. She had found an armful of children books and as we approached the check out the most amazing cobalt blue color caught my eye. As we got closer my heart started to beat just a little faster. There behind the counter was this beautiful carnival glass punch bowl. I asked the clerk if it was for sale and she nodded yes and then said she was holding it for a customer while she finished her shopping. I inquired about it's price and she gladly told me that it was $20.00. I had to hold my lips together tight so I wouldn't gasp! I looked around the store thinking who was this women? Should I ask her if she wanted it? No, if she thought I was interested she would want it for sure. We checked out and the clerk told me that I could call back and see if the women had taken it or not. I thought that was a great idea and took their card. Kristin and I went to a few more thrift stores and on the way home we called and to my delight the punch bowl was still there, but there wasn't enough time to get there before they closed. The lady at the store told me that she would put my name on it and hold it for me. The next morning I hurried over to make it mine. I think it's stunning!!!!!! Did I tell you it's in pristine condition? Not a chip on any of it. Even Karen told me how pretty it is and she's never impressed with the glass that I bring home!!! What do you think?

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  1. Oh so pretty! Lets make lime green punch for this beauty, and have a spray painting party at your house!