Monday, January 23, 2012

Does it work?

I'm always looking for a short cut when it come to cleaning. After working all day and then coming home and being the care giver for Kenneth, I need help!!!  So when I saw on pintrest a no scrub method for cleaning the burner drip pans on your stove ( On Good Thing by Jillee).  Since my stove got a beating over the holidays I thought I would give her method my own does it work challenge.  Here's my results.........

Take one pretty bad looking drip pan.  This one  has seen a lot of cook'n!

Next you will need  a gallon Ziploc bag and some ammonia.
Place the drip pan in the Ziploc bag.  Pour in a splash of ammonia and zip up the bag.  Let is set over night.

I think it worked pretty well.  This pan is more than 7 years old and the paint is dull. BUT there isn't any crusty stuff on it, no ruined manicure or split nails!!!!!  All I did was use dish washing soap to wash the ammonia off!
I hope you will give it a try!  thanks Jillee for the great tip!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

X's and O's

This apothecary jar looks so pitiful empty after housing my vintage Christmas ornaments.  I have been thinking about what I could put in her.  Last night I was at Target and took a quick scan of the dollar bends. Take a look at what I found......

I found these plastic gems for $2.50 a box

they're so cut!

they look like candy!  Hope I can convince the grand kids we can't eat them.

They looks so pretty.  I LOVE this affordable Valentine Day decoration!