Tuesday, August 2, 2011

They're right! You never forget your first love.....

My children are a good support system of my new hobby. My oldest daughter Kristin asked me if I would keep an eye out for a table her husband Bill could put his C pack and alarm clock on. I assured her that I could find one. One night not to long after our conversation I ran into the Good Will store right before closing. I zoomed through my favorite aisles and then to the furniture department. There "she" was and it was love at first sight!!! She was a very pretty Ethan Allen end table. She had been in a church and on the top of the table were two very large and deep scratches. There for she was being sold for $14.99. What a steel!!!! I found a gentlemen that worked there and he brought her up to the front for check out and delivered her to my van. I was so excited. Kristin loves shabby chic and my all time favorite look is the white glazed bottom with the beautiful rich color of walnut or burnt umber as the case may be. Here was my chance to transform this lovely table. Take a look and see what you think.....

I sanded the top to get rid of the scratches and ready for the stain.

below you can see the beauty and design of the wood.

I used a coat of oil base primer.

final coat of Sherwin Williams creamy white, don't tell Bill I went to his competitors for the paint!!

top has been stained and the body has been glazed.

I did the original hardware with Sophisticated finishes Blackened Bronze.

Here she is in all her new splendor. I love this piece of furniture. I can't believe that I was able to do this! I gave the table to my son-in-law for Christmas. I told Kristin that when she no longer wants it to please return it to me. She quickly let me know that there wouldn't be any reason to let it go!!!

This piece of furniture has given hope to a middle aged woman who felt dumped at the good will, but has realized through the transformation of this table that just because your old it doesn't mean you still don't have purpose and beauty!!!