Monday, March 19, 2012

A New Look!

The first sign that you have to many treasures:  You open the back of the van and there is a piece of furniture you forgot you had!!! 

That is the story of this cute little stool!  I found her at an estate sale.  She is in pretty good shape and looked good with out me doing anything except updating the fabric on the seat.  But I just can't resist a good make over.  Here is her Cinderella story........

The red fabric was really stiff and nubby.  I'm thinking it's from the 50's  Then the dusty rose from the 80's
I had split a can of ASCP in Paris Gray with my friend over at Magnolia Bend and hadn't painted anything with it.  After all if ya don't like it, it can be painted a different color!
I'm pleased with the color.  Now for the glazing.  Yes I'm still glazing... can't waste that money and the dark wax is expensive.
This is her after the glazing.
Next and the part I like the least is the buffing after the waxing.
Boy what a difference in the feel of the paint after you wax and buff.  It is silky smooth.
I love this staple gun!  I would have never thought that I would actually own one.
I didn't remove the other fabric I think it tells a story about the piece.
I love fabric that you can use either side. 
I'm very happy with her new sophisticated look!
My girls oohed and aahed over her and made me feel really good!

But the best thing was when Kelly who is in her last year of grad school, asked if I would help her paint furniture when she got her apartment!  A mom's dream come true.......

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