Monday, August 1, 2011

While the stain is drying...........

I'm impatient and wanted those cabinets dark and just maybe got carried away. They are still drying but boy do they look nice!!!

So I thought I would share the before and after pictures of this desk that I bought for Karen. But first a little bit about Karen. She loves color!!!! When we first moved into this house she painted her room the brightest eye hurting pink, it grow on me after I found some black and white bedding. After having a box fan malfunction and having her room rebuilt she picked out a very bright salmon color. Karen understand color and has paired some very interesting things in her room. She has the vision for what something can look like with a little bit of paint. She has gone back to college and asked if I would find a desk for her. Her lucky day came when there was a desk for $20 on the Craig. Take a look....

The desk has really good bones

Oops! I spray painted something on it! There were scratches all away across the top.

Look how pretty the top looks after she has been primed!
Primer makes everything look ok again!

She is now ready for the very purple color Karen picked out!

I think she turned out cute! Karen bought her own pulls and did a great job!

This bookcase was painted white and Tennessee Vol orange when Karen brought it home.
She spray painted with black board paint and then painted the inside with these very pretty blue and green colors.

She likes the Beatles. Who would have thought of this? She is so cleaver!!!!

Hope your inspired!!!!!!