Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Red!

What a lucky day it was! No, not the A/C going out but what happened after words..... I have wanted a Kitchen aid mixer ever since my father-in-law "Jack" bought one when we all lived in Houston(20+ years ago). I had already purchased a differant brand so couldn't justify the money for the Kitchen-aid. I've worked extra hours this summer and decided to treat myself to a Kitchen-aid stand-mixer. The white one was on sale at Macy' for a really good price so I clicked the buy button! I had just received it the night before and had it on the kitchen table. Long story short, A/C went out, my A/C guy and friend came over and fixed it. We were sitting at my kitchen table and he asked who's mixer that was. Then he asked if I could return it. He had one "like" it at his house and if I came and got it, it was mine. I was thrilled to say the least. He was refurbishing it for a catering company, but before the parts got in they decided to go with an industrial mixer. He told me it was purple. After I cleaned the dust off of it to my surprise it is this pretty red, my favorite color!!!! Then I went to one of my fav web sights "" and for just over $50.00 got the accessories that a new one comes with.
Hum..... what should I whip up first?

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