Monday, September 26, 2011

Fifty cents?

What a fun weekend I've had. Some great finds at an estate sale and a sleep over with the grand-kids. What more could a gal ask for!!!!

Here are my thrifty treasures: A stack of flat queen size sheets for a buck each (where can you get that kind of fabric for that price?) These gently used sheets make great draw sheets for Kenneth. They are so soft.
5$ pitcher (I had been to the eye doc and the house was dark so a little disappointed when I got home and the other side had a long crack. She is still beautiful and no one will see it from the china cabinet.)
1$ for the four glasses.
10$ for the vintage lamp, don't know why I needed it but she was calling out to me! :)
Maybe Katie will like it in her room!
Saved the best for last!!!! The lady writing the tickets in the kitchen said to me when I picked up the ice cream dipper, "they don't make them like that any more" I'm thinking to myself I grew up with the kind your talking about and this isn't one of those, this is better!!! I asked how much and she said 50 cents. I asked her to add it to my ticket. She had no idea that I just got a pampered chef ice cream dipper that sales for $15.00 for 50 cents. It looks old because it has been run through the dishwasher, just like the one I already have. I love a good deal!!!!

Katie future DIY'er

Today life is good!!!

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  1. Love the little lamp, so sweet it is! I'm bringing some ice cream over soon to try out the scoop ;-)

  2. I love the glass pitcher and the lamp is precious. Thanks for sharing at my Restyled Sundays party.

  3. The pitcher is gorgeous. Great buy on the ice cream scoop!