Friday, September 23, 2011

Remembering Debbie

Three years ago today(9-23-08) my sister Debbie lost her fight with breast cancer. I miss her. I miss her laughter! I could always call her when I needed a pick me up. I knew that before the call was over we would laugh so hard that tears would be running down our legs! Her example has given me courage when faced with opposition. I take comfort in knowing that she is on the other side doing the Lords work. After she died I prayed fervently that the sting of her death be taken from me and the answer was always the same. It was the words in a church hymn. "Through dying brings new birth." Just this past last year I have begun to understand what these words mean. I'm thankful that she is my sister and for the things we have shared. I love her daughters. They are beautiful young woman and their lives are a testament to their mother. Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing us to be sisters.
2010 Ventura County Fair Entry took 1st Place
Debbie Zahner, our "Quilt Lady" in 2007, along with Sylvia Rosolek unveil the start of RoL's inspiring and educational Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Quilt (in the center of the quilt is Debbie and her girls.)
Lauren, Debbie and Lindsey
Debbie, Sally and John
Sisters: Jeanette, Sally and Debbie
Pink Ribbon


  1. Thank you for this. You brought tears to my eyes. I miss her, too!

  2. I love this post too. Debbie looks so pretty and fun in these pictures, and the one of the two of you looks just like Karen. Great post sister!

  3. tears? i'm choking back sobs! i'm so sorry for your loss...especially for young girls who need a mother. don't we always need our mother, though?

    i did a post about women taking care of themselves and getting mammograms with the hope that it would push one woman out the door who had been procrastinating. this post is far more need to find more blogs that will share this for you! really.