Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tender Mercy's

I know Heavenly Father is mindful of my family. Right before Evan (the estranged husband) left, we started building a handicap bathroom for out son. The finishing touches have been left up to me to get done and with the help of some really good friends it is getting there. One of the things that we needed was a changing table. I have been looking at them on line. They, like all medical equipment are pricey! That the beginning of the week I made my to do list. Get a changing table was at the top of the list. I thought for the heck of it I will search the Craig for an exam table. Low and behold there it was!!!! Just like the one I had my eye on but a lot less. The posting was almost 30 days old and it said they would take the best offer. I called and offered $85.00 less than what he was asking and he excepted it and would be in the office the next day to help me load it into my van. That was wonderful but not the end to the story. Brendan, one of the RN's that worked on Sundays while going to school had quit to finish up in Feb. He came by to see how Kenneth were doing. I told him about the table and he said why don't I come tomorrow with my truck and help you get it. It has all worked out and the table has a new home and will be put to good use. Now we just need the shower wheelchair and we will be set!

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  1. Kenneth is so handsome. Brendan is so nice. And I am so blessed to know you!