Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still small voice.......

The closer I come unto Christ the easier it is for me to see him in my everyday life. Today a friend of mine offered to help me pick up a table (more on that when I learn to post pictures!) and I in return was going to buy lunch. The morning was busy and I didn't get to the bank so before he got to my house I grabbed the money from my stash. The small voice said take enough for lunch, me being the know it all thought NO I have my debit card! So off I went. We picked up the table and stopped at 5 Guys for lunch. They were really really busy so we left and went to Genghis Grill. Had a wonderful lunch and when it came time to pay, guess what???? I didn't have my debit card!!!! It was sitting on the seat in my van in my driveway at home. I had laid it there the night before after picking up dinner. Did I have enough cash? No! because I didn't listen!!!! All turned out well. I never leave home with out my American express card!!!!! Which I'm sure 5 Guys didn't take!!!! Next time I will act on those promptings!

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  1. Another great craigslist adventure! Can't wait to see the table in action.