Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Old Gal Still Has It!

When I was a young mother I loved crafting.  I taught myself how to do all kinds of needle work.  I learned how to Tole paint and sew.  I was always on the lookout for fun cute things to make.  As my children got older and became involved in more things and I worked full time.  I found that I didn't have the time or energy for anything else.  Now I have more time to do things that I enjoy. But mostly along came "Pintrest"  I don't have to leave the comfort of my home to see the latest crafts.  I love it!!!!  This Halloween wreath caught my eye.   I clicked on over to sassysanctuary skimmed her directions and said "OH yeah I can do this!"  It's not that easy getting back into the craft world.  I found that I don't like shopping on a time table.  I have a limited amount of time after work before I need to be home to help with Kenneth.  I usually don't find everything that I need at one store.  Craft stores don't have enough cashiers and Fabric stores think that no one is in a hurry!  I finally got all the things that I needed.  I ripped the fabric into the pieces and started tying and tying and tying.  Two hours later I was out of fabric and only half way done with the wreath.  I had to make another trip for more fabric, one of the "E's" was broken from the store and they didn't have anymore(another store to visit)  Soooo after 5 hours of  tying, 4 yards of fabric (I bought the wrong size  wreath form) and 3 trips to multiple stores,  I have what I'm referring to "the family heirloom Halloween wreath." Hey the old gal still has it!  My family all complimented me on it.  And it was fun!!!!!

This is my version!


  1. Great job on the wreath, it turned out so cute! Was all that tying a stress reliever or did it cause stress?

  2. Craft in sister! I like it a lot. Should I bring over some bandaids for the blisters on your fingers from all that tying?

  3. That turned out fantastic!! You did a great job!

  4. Hi Sally...stopped by from 21 Rosemary to say hi and I saw your wreath and love it! I think it is better than the inspiration wreath! Great job!

  5. Love your version! Turned out amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by today :)

  6. What a fun project! It turned out great - love the colors. Linda

  7. You do still have it going on ~ LOVE your wreath! Thanks for coming by and for the sweet notes about my DIY Door Jewelry ~ you are so right ~ never too much bling!!! I'm your newest follower and hope you'll "follow" me too on your next visit!!!

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  8. Simply beautiful...lovely work!

  9. okay, you totally rocked the socks off the inspiration wreath! go girl!

    and thanks for popping by my blog tonight and leaving me a thoughtful comment! i tried to reply to you via email but you're set up as a "no-reply" account. get on that, girl, or else bloggers have to hunt you down!!

    love what's happening here...