Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dinner in under an hour!!!!

I'm confessing right up front.....I don't like to cook!  I use to be a pretty good cook until I had children!  It was always 2 liked it and 2 didn't.  The only universal foods were Pot roast on Sundays and the Friday night pizza.  Then there is the child that doesn't like cheese and the one that doesn't really like pasta,  what's left to cook????  They have ruined my potential of becoming a great cook!!!  Oh and not to mention working all day and coming home to those dreaded words...."Mom, what's for dinner?"  Well here is one of my solutions to that dreaded time of day or for those of you who like to cook this is a wonderful dinner that your family and friends will love no matter what your cooking style!!!!   

I was lucky and got to the Kroger just as they had put out some discounted meat.  I got 4 beautiful pork chops for the price of a hamburger combo!

My sister Debbie told me this is how she cooked her pork chops.

I like to trim the fat off my meat first.  Then I spray the frying pan with pam and get it hot so I can get a good sear on my meat.  I brown both sides and season them well with my two favorite things.  See below!

I love love love Greek seasoning and put it on everything!!!!  The ladies I work with laugh, but I have converted a couple!  My other standby is onion powder.  If you have those that freak over bits of onion in their food this is a good way to get the flavor with out the evidents!!!
After I have the meat browned with the seasoning and OH Boy it smells good, I heat up a cup of water in the microwave and put in a spoon full of beef granuals.

then I pour it over the pork chops!

Cover and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the thickens of the pork chops.

Side dish #1
This has become one of my family's favorite ways to eat potatoes.  Hope you will try it!

We like potatoes and these are small so about 2 per person and then one....who doesn't like left over mashed potatoes for lunch!

Peeled washed and ready to cut!

If you cube the potatoes it will cut down on the cooking time.   
Ann and Bobby would be so proud of my knife skills!!!

Along with the potatoes I put in fresh garlic cloves.  I used about 5 small cloves.  The garlic will cook and get tender just like the potatoes.

Did you know that if you rubbed your hands with a stainless spoon after handling garlic that it would take the garlic smell out of your skin!

Strain the water off the potatoes when they are tender (other words when you stab the potato and the fork comes out easily).  You won't even see the garlic it just blends in with the potatoes.

Next you will need some milk and butter and I like to mix my potatoes with my hand mixer.  I like my potatoes with a thicker constancy so I use a small amount of milk.  If you like what is called "whipped" potatoes you could use more milk.  Start out with a small amount because you can always add more.  I also put the butter in while the potatoes are hot to give them extra flavor.  This is also when I add the salt.  Not to much because you don't need that much with the garlic.

Don't they look yummy!

Side Dish #2

You can't go wrong with a bag of Steam'able Veggies.  Just follow the directions on the back.  After cooking I added a pat of butter and some sea salt.

Dinner is served!!!!

Bon Appetit!

It was Delicious!!!  45 minutes start to table.  I hope you will try this and see if it makes your family as happy as it does mine!!!!

~ Sally ~

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  1. Hello ..... I am blogging to make a reservation, please. Table for 2, and we would like the above post. YUM!!!!

  2. You make your potatoes the same way I do. Thanks for the tip about removing the garlic on my fingers. Did not know that one.